Trouble Shooting Questions

Q1) What is the correct buffed texture for “precure” retreading?
A) Referring to the Rubber Manufactures Association (RMA) texture mat, 3 – 4 is the preference.

Q2) How do I get a finer texture?
A) Generally speaking, by using a rasp blade with more number of teeth and “spaced”
closer together will produce a finer texture.

Q3) How do I get a rougher texture?
A) Again, generally speaking by using a rasp blade with fewer number of teeth and “spaced”
wider apart will produce a rougher texture.

Q4) When do I need to replace my spacers?
A) If the rasp blades are displaying excessive tooth breakage or sections of the blades
breaking away and or if the spacers have worn unevenly whereby the ends are narrower
than the centre section.

Q5) When should I replace my rasp pins?
A) Pins should be inspected each time you replace the rasp blades. If you find pins with
excessively worn grooves, it’s time to change the complete set, and or when the pins are
no longer fixed or steadfast in the rasp hub end plates. However, this can only occur if the
Aluminium hub ends (mounting holes) still provide an “interference fit”. If not, it’s time to
replace the complete rasp hub.

Q6) Can I replace the rasp pins myself on a “Convex / Contoured” Rasp Hub?
A) Yes, but only if it is a Pincott manufactured Contour Rasp Hub. Pincott manufactures
specially designed contoured pins and hub ends that ensures a fixed position each time
the replacement pins are replaced.

Q7) Does Pincott produce a rasp blade to produce mulch for the recycling industry?
A) Yes, Pincott’s uniquely designed UD Rasp Blade is manufactured with a single direction,
aggressive cutting action, which consistently produces a larger proportion of “+4″ chip.

Q8) If I am currently using another manufacturers rasp blade and I want to use Pincott,
how do I know what Pincott alternatives are available?

A) Please click on the attached link which will take you directly to Pincott’s Rasp Blade
Conversion Chart. This will enable you to quickly see which Pincott Rasp Blade is right for you
and your application.

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